SPA Time: Accessibility Testing Techniques for Single Page Web Applications

I was recently asked about accessibility testing for single page web applications. It had been a few years since I last needed to perform accessibility testing of this kind, so I had to delve into my memories from previous jobs to find the answer. Fortunately, after a minute or two, I was able to recall … Read more

Cruising On Carnival Radiance- An Accessibility Review

Cruising On Carnival Radiance- An Accessibility Review Going on a cruise is luxurious and fun. It can also be a more economical means of taking a vacation, because many cruise lines provide package deals which include the cost of room, transportation, food and entertainment for one complete price. However, if you don’t book your cruise … Read more

Exploring Universal Design with The Amazon Smart Oven

The seven principles of Universal Design are broad in scope, making them somewhat difficult to apply in the physical world. So, to better illustrate the principles of Universal Design, I decided to provide a real-world example of a product which meets the definition of being truly universal. The product or service I am evaluating is … Read more

WCAG vs. Section 508: A Showdown Between Two Accessibility Giants

I received my Section 508 Trusted Tester certification in August of 2023. My decision to get Trusted Tester certified was motivated only by the free price tag, compared to the $485 exam fee for non-IAAP members. Had I known that the certification process for Trusted Tester is far less accessible than the process for CPACC, … Read more