Welcome To My blog site!

My name is Tristen Breitenfeldt and I graduated with a Master of Science degree in Educational Leadership and Policy from the Postsecondary Adult and Continuing Education (PACE) program at Portland State University in June 2016. I am visually impaired and I am highly skilled in the areas of writing, research, teaching, tutoring, accessibility testing, and much more.

Family is very important to me. I have two younger brothers with whom I am very close. My mom and most of my family live in Washington state and I love living in the Pacific Northwest.

On my web site, you will find information about accessibility. I have an Accessible Loom Knitting podcast, which I encourage you to visit if you have ever wondered about loom knitting. There is an Accessibility Blog, where I share posts on various topics related to accessibility and I hope you will join the discussion. There is an Accessibility Registry, which will be coming soon. I have a Publications page, which contains links to my published works. You can read about me and my accessibility journey on the About Me page. Finally, if you want to connect with me on LinkedIn or send me a message, head on over to the Contact Me page.