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The Blind Detective

Steven Hawthorne is blind. He currently works as a detective for the police department, but he was previously a cop. Several years ago, while in pursuit of a suspect, he lost his eyesight in an explosive car accident. Now, Steven uses his investigative instincts and his increased situational awareness to solve mysteries. His Black Labrador guide dog, Missy, also has a talent for sniffing out clues. Together with their friend Jeff York, the team solves a number of mysteries.

In "Shark Bite Fever," Kathy White is kidnapped by a mob-style loan shark. In "Every Dog Gets Her Day," Missy emerges as a formidable detective in her own right. When a body is found at a dog show and a prize Chihuahua goes missing, it's up to the trio to solve the case and save the show. In "The Enigmatic Echoes," the challenge is to locate a valuable jewel that's gone missing from the Crystal Crown Hotel in Las Vegas. Finally, in "Wedding Blues," Steven, Jeff, and Missy follow a series of scavenger hunt-style clues across the city in pursuit of a stolen wedding ring.

Written for children 10 to 12 years old, these stories of mystery and friendship will ignite young readers' curiosity, prompting conversations about living with blindness, guide dog etiquette, blindness-friendly occupations, and the value of diversity and inclusion.

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About the Author

Tristen Breitenfeldt is a certified Accessibility Tester and has been using a guide dog for independent mobility since 2006. She has a master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Policy and hopes to make the world a more accepting and accessible place for people with disabilities. She lives in Yakima, Washington, with her guide dog, Kiowa, and her family.

One of Tristen's greatest joys is helping her young niece and nephews with homework, trying to instill in them a love for lifelong learning. Tristen gets the inspiration for her books from reading, watching television, and some of those quirky real–life experiences she has as a blind woman and guide dog handler. You can learn more about Tristen by visiting her blog at

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